Founded in June 2015, Kaitai Legal Services Professional Corporation has been certified by the Law Society of Ontario (Certificate No.: C05860) to provide a broad range of legal services to the public in Ontario. Kaitai's partners all are licensed paralegals with years of working experience in their respective areas. Some of Kaitai’s partners are lawyers from foreign countries. The firm also affiliates with local lawyers of Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Criminal/Civil Litigation and Family Law. We are dedicated to provide effective and affordable solutions for any legal issues you may come across.

Slip and Fall

Motor Vehicle Accidents


Dog Bites

Small Claims Court Matter

Landlord and Tenant Disputes


Personal Injury

Contingency fees for a rate not more than 30%

Personal Injury means your bodily injuries, which include physical wounds, mental harassment and psychological damage. These injuries could be caused by various reasons such as: motor vehicle accidents (MVA), workplace hazard, criminal offense, slip-and-fall and malpractice. Usually, when these events occur, you could make a claim to an insurance company, or to a government agency like the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). The insurance company or WSIB should compensate your treatment costs and income loss according to your insurance policy or law. For damages that are beyond the insurance coverage or regulatory allowance, you could commence a lawsuit, subject to certain exceptions, against the party who was at fault.

Kaitai provides professional services that are tailored to different situations according to the accidents occurred. Most important, we help you collect every evidence supportive, organize medical documents, use our expertise to build up your file and ultimately maximize your insurance claims. If the final offer or decision made by the insurer or a government agency is not content, we could appeal the outcome to a statutory tribunal such as License Appeal Tribunal (LAT), or even commence a lawsuit before a competent court.

Small Claim

Flat fees at different procedural stages

Small Claim means bringing your disputes to a Small Claims Court for a judgment. In Ontario, Small Claims Courts are a branch of the Superior Court of Justice. Based on the inherent jurisdiction of the Superior Court, the Small Claims Court can hear any cases for a pecuniary compensation or a property return, as long as the principal of the claim is not more than CD$35, 000. In other words, the reason or cause of action of a lawsuit is broad—it could be monetary debts, illegal possession of chattel, breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, or even a violation to human/Charter right, and so on.

However, the remedies of a Small Claims Court limit to two types:

  1. Payment for damages, mostly general and special damages;
  2. Recovery of personal properties.

You cannot request other orders, such as:
  • Apologies
  • Mandatory or Prohibitory Injunctions:
  • Lien against property title, etc.

Tribunal Practice

One-time flat fee

According to the Ministry of Attorney General, there are approximately 235 administrative tribunals, also known as ABC — agency, board or commission, in Ontario. They are responsible for determining privileges, benefits, and interests that affect our daily life. Some of the tribunals, as a quasi-court, independently settle disputes between parties, from Ontarians, private companies to government. Governed by the Statutory Powers Procedure Act in general and their respective practice codes/rules, the ABCs exercise the statutory authorities in a just, most expeditious, and cost-effective manner.

Kaitai provides most common services under the jurisdictions of ABC. They include applying Liquor Sales / Lottery licenses at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, disputing a CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) decision before the Immigration and Refugee Board, seeking an eviction order at the Landlord and Tenant Board, and reporting an act of discrimination to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, etc.

Other Legal Services

One-time flat fee

Kaitai affiliates with renowned law firms in providing other legal services of a broad spectrum. Rather than simply referring your case to lawyers, we work closely on your file with respect to the following legal matters:

  • Draft or review of various contracts and agreements, such as commercial or residential lease, employment/subcontractor agreement, investment contract, prenuptial agreement and Power of Attorney (POA) etc.
  • Incorporation of a federal or Ontario company, including corporate name search, articles submission, shareholders agreement preparation, registration for business name and trademark, and amendment to registrations.
  • Individual/commercial assets investigation and property title search.
  • Separation agreement, uncontested divorce and wills.
  • Traffic tickets and various criminal offences.
  • Notarization,Commissioner of taking oath/affidavit and legal translation.